Eight more nonprofits funded by the loan program

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We’re proud to share the following nonprofits have received San Diego County COVID-19 Small Business & Nonprofit Loan Program (SBNLP) funding to continue serving their communities.

Gold Youth Arts Organization

Gold Youth Arts Organization is dedicated to giving students the performance, work, and life skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. Gold Youth Arts Organization operates three performing arts programs for youth: Gold Drum & Bugle Corps, Gold Indoor Percussion, and Gold Winter Guard, serving over 700 kids and young adults annually with instruction in dance, percussion, brass, and performance skills. Due to COVID-19, Gold Youth Arts Organization had to start delivering all in-person program services virtually, and performances had to be paused. As a result, the organization experienced a severe loss in membership and performance fees, the majority of their earned revenue. Though Gold Youth Arts Organization adapted quickly, they are experiencing a gap in cash flow. The loan helps to cover restart costs associated with relaunching in-person program services.


Harmonium promotes well-being and self-sufficiency in children, youth, and their families through creative education, intervention, and prevention services rooted in collaboration with neighborhoods and families. Through its Community Behavioral Health Services Counselling program, Harmonium prioritizes creating a warm and safe counseling environment for children and youth and providing them with strength-based, trauma-informed interventions to improve overall mental health and well-being. Due to COVID-19, Harmonium discontinued all in-person services delivery for programs under their contract with the San Diego Unified School District. Their fee-for-service programs such as child care and counseling, which serve as the primary drivers of earned revenues, were roughly $1M lower than the prior fiscal year, about a 14 percent drop. With this loan, Harmonium aims to keep these two programs running and cover payroll costs until schools reopen.

Mainly Mozart

Mainly Mozart creates an environment for artists to share their musical talents and creativity. COVID-19 led to the cancelation of Mainly Mozart’s annual festival in June, the primary driver of both the organization’s earned and contributed revenue. As a way of bringing the community together during the pandemic, the organization organized its first drive-in concert program at low to no cost to the public. The organization will use the loan capital to support general operations, including purchasing software to support new online programming and contracting professionals to implement the software.

Multicultural Health Foundation

The Multicultural Health Foundation brings health justice and wellness to the multicultural communities of San Diego County by focusing resources on the most vulnerable populations that will lead to the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities. Their programs focus on improving the health of chronically ill patients and increasing their participation in preventive healthcare. Due to COVID-19, the Multicultural Health Foundation has seen a decline or delay in expected revenue from philanthropic grants while seeing an extraordinary increase in demand for their services and the need to address the comorbidity between COVID-19 and prediabetes, diabetes, and other high-risk diseases. To address these concerns, the foundation shifted its model to focus on people’s health at home, such as offering their pre-diabetes workshop virtually. The Multicultural Health Foundation secured a $3M contract with San Diego County to provide services in response to the pandemic. Capital from the loan will be used as cash flow to cover operational costs to execute this contract.

San Diego River Park Foundation

The San Diego River Park Foundation, an organization founded by concerned citizens, is dedicated to creating a better future for the 52-mile-long San Diego River and the communities through which it traverses. The organization has seen a drastic decrease in individual and corporation donations due to COVID-19-related event and pledge cancelations. While the foundation had to let go of two employees, the need for their services has not decreased; from April 2020 to June 2020, the number of encampments along the river increased by 369 percent. In response, the San Diego River Park Foundation has shifted to focus on relief for the people who live in the riverbed.

The organization intends to use the loan to supplement their cash flow until they are able to execute on the operational requirements of their reimbursement-based grants and contracts and secure additional funding. The funding will allow them to hire three positions, and expand its Riverbed Encampment Program by 20 percent to meet growing needs.

Tree San Diego

Tree San Diego (TSD) is the leading urban forestry nonprofit for San Diego County. The team uses data-driven methods to educate people, plant trees, and provide care. TSD also makes use of end-of-life tree material to prevent it from going to the landfill. Through its new Branch Out San Diego program, Tree San Diego seeks to expand the tree canopy to better serve disadvantaged Indigenous and overlooked low-income San Diego communities.

Pre-COVID-19, Tree San Diego was maximizing community volunteers for tree planting and maintenance. Social distancing guidelines limit the organization’s ability to operate in-person and offer its Tree Steward educational programs, which brings in a portion of expected revenue. While TSD has been shifting these programs to virtual platforms, they are facing a capital gap due to delays in reaching milestones on time. This loan serves as a bridge cash flow for the organization’s operating expenses, including payroll and materials for projects while they await reimbursement from grants.

Via International

Via International fosters community initiatives based on the ideals of sustainability and well-being that support local community members to become agents of change. Through educational volunteer programs, Via International engages with visiting and local individuals and further its mission of enhancing cross-border relationships. Via International has suffered a loss of fee-for-service revenues due to COVID-19. Via International currently provides programming for approximately 600 students from universities and high schools annually but anticipates that it can expand its reach by expanding its virtual programming. The organization aims to use the capital to support the development of and expansion of a digital version of their volunteer immersion program for global education and retain their staff under current conditions.

The Water Conservation Garden

The Water Conservation Garden conserves and maintains its space in order to educate and connect the community to nature. Due to COVID-19, The Garden was unable to fulfill in-person programs that generated approximately 30 percent of the organization’s revenue, including field trips, assemblies, workshops/classes, and special events. Canceled events, the closure of the gift shop, as well as decreased memberships and donations, led to a loss of revenue. Thanks to support from the loan, The Garden is developing new online curricula, retaining its onsite team, and meeting increased facility demands due to COVID-19 safety measures.

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